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Ah, the 80’s

Guzzling down Tab and playing a round of Thermonuclear War with NORAD….
God, Wargames is one of the Holy Trintity of Computer Game movies of the 80’s
The other two being Cloak & Dagger and The Last Starfighter.
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Watching Wargames with Matthew Broderick….

Watching Wargames with Matthew Broderick….
Heh….8″ floppy disks.
Damn, where’s my Commodore 128 or my VIC-20 when I need it.
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I love Babylon 5.

It’s the show that Star Trek DS9 and Voyager should have been; O. K. I thought DS9 had its moments but Voyager just sucked. I wish some computer company would grab the rights to it and put out a game based on it. If done right, it could kick ass.
So the computer froze and I decided to open it up and poke around a bit. There were some wires loose, but the biggest thing was the dust. The heat sink and the fan were just caked with dust. So I spent a good 30-45 min cleaning out as much of is as I could. I think I should take it in to get professionally cleaned though. And it didn’t help cause as soon as I booted up, it froze. I think it has to do with the IDE connectors. There are two IDE connectors and then there is one for the floppy drive. I have everything hooked up to the IDE cause my floppy is a LS-120 Superdrive (I thought it would catch on, who knew). Anyway, I wonder if I should hook up the LS-120 to the floppy connector. If I do, I think the computer will just recognize…knock at the door..
There is a party @ 303 tonight and Tim (not my old roommate, but still gay) from 601 sent the birthday girl (Jenna?) and her friend (Lauryn) up to invite everybody. I declined, but gave the birthday girl one of my kitties (one of those good luck kittens from Japan that holds the coin in their paws, I forget what they are called). I have a pair, but I broke the ear off of one, so I’ve been planning on getting a new set anyway. Well, Tim also came up to invite us. I think he has a crush on Matt, cause when I see him in the elevator, he is always talking to me about Matt, trying to get info. I can kinda understand, cause Matt does give off blips on the Gaydar, even though he is homophobic gay. But Matt said that he has a crush on me; I think that Matt’s the object of Tim’s desire.
I’m not that big of a party goer; I am mainly an antisocial person, more at home staying at home than going out. But I’ve already done the whole party thing, the whole alcohol bingeing stuff, the drug stuff. And damn, Peter is always trying to get me to go out. I’m just selective on the stuff that I go to. I have shown up to parties and people know that I can have good times with them. Hmmm, it has been awhile since I have attended anything. I should start thinking about my next appearance. But not tonight. **sigh** Since their party is a @ 303, I won’t be able to do laundry tonight. I have enough to wear tomorrow at the picnic.
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Put aside the frivolity for a day and try to be a bit more serious. This is an important time to prepare for the future. Make sure you don’t take another step forward before you know you are on solid ground. This is an important time for you to establish your goals on a piece of paper. Writing them down will help you realize them in your life. Think about the long-term harvest. Security and grounding are key themes of the day. The trine between Moon and Saturn will help you stay disciplined.
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Tee Hee….Hic…

Just got back from The Boathouse with my bosses, Amber and Rob. They bought me Beer and Onion Rings for my B-Day. Yay! Amber also got me a jacket, cause she knows it’s cold out at the warehouse. She’s my second mom.
O. K. I am going to lay on the couch and just feel the buzz that I got going and then later, homework and laundry. Oh what fun.
I hope that Jason finishes my computer this weekend…
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Had Burger King Last night….

Cause lets face it, fat just sometimes taste that good.
Anyway, I got my fries and I also got some of that green ketchup.
When I poured it out of the packet, I was really hesitant to try it. I swear it look like some stuff out of a baby’s diaper.
But I toughed it and ate it; it taste just like regular red ketchup. I think that I have some packets left. I should take a picture of what it looks like.
**sigh** I just had to share that
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Sombody wants a weggie

**picks his underwear**
I need to do laundry tonight. I have no more good underwear.
I have clean underwear, but it’s stuff that has shrunk and rides up my ass. But it’s also tigger stuff, and I don’t want to give it up yet.
O.K. this pair isn’t Tigger, it’s actually white tiger striped (or zebra striped **rolls my eyes**) from Joe Boxer. It is a real soft and nice pair of underwear. Except that it is riding up my legs and making my uncomfortable. I’ll have to go underwear shopping sometime next month.
I also should display my underwear collection in a photo shoot. I was going to do it a couple of months ago; I even went as far as taking some pictures. But I never got around to posting them. Maybe after finals….
Meanwhile, I need to goto the bathroom to adjust myself….
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Has stupid of a guy

Has stupid of a guy that I can be; and I admit, I can be a stupid fuck sometimes, it is such a relief that I go on Livejournal and find guys that are even more stupid and fucked up than I am.
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I never realized how ugly

I never realized how ugly men are until I started looking at the NakedParts LJ…I mean some of them (I’m talking about penises; or is it penisi) look nice. But overall, uugghhh. Even looking at myself, I’m just thinking “God, How could any girl even stand to be around me or any guy. And then the fact that they’ve fondled them or put them in their mouths or in other parts of their body. It’s just a wonder that the whole female population isn’t lesbian.
Now women, with their breast and their vagina’s; now those are so inviting, so arousing, so sexy.
I don’t know, maybe I’m just horny or something.
O.K. time to watch Price Is Right….
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I’m sure that Suzanne is

I’m sure that Suzanne is pissed at me for not talking to her yesterday. I had forgotten that I had turned the ringer off on my phone until I had read her LJ. And I actually tried calling her when the computer crashed, yet again. (It had taken 3 crashes just to get on the internet) Anyway, I decided that I didn’t want to talk to anybody; I just wanted to be alone in my misery and sadness. So I turned off the computer, turned off the cell phone, and crawled into bed.
I know this pissed her off; I’m sure the secret journals and the hidden posts are just screaming at what a selfish bastard that I am. Actually, I have changed. I wanted to withdraw into myself for a long time now. And I actually would like nothing better than to stay hidden and withdrawn for a while longer. But, if I did that, then she would really be mad. So I will call her in a couple of hours. We are going on a picnic on Saturday in Golden Gate Park. hopefully, it will be a beautiful day.
**sigh** We are so different; what kind of future can we have? I just deal with it with my usual advoidance. Like they say, it is easier to jump off of a cliff with your eyes close.
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