I really should have started on this paper earlier. I am partly being a poop head for waiting so long to get serious on it. But I still feel that I don’t have enough info to do a 10 page paper. Too bad I can’t use the big paper that I did for my history writing class. unfortunately, it was for the Korean War and that is out of the time line. **sigh**
Well, I have decided to do it on Advertising during the 1920’s; exciting isn’t it. I was reading over articles trying to figure out which ones I was going to use. But the site has gone down for some reason. Lucky me.
I guess it’s a good thing that Suzanne is going away to San Diego for her friends wedding. That will give me a weekend to work on this paper….Actually it won’t, I forgot that this paper is due on the last day of class.
The lesson learned here is that I need to manage my time better. I should have dropped out of school a long time ago. Well, I am very short on time now. I took today off, but I can’t take too many days off from work cause I need to make enough money for rent next month. **sigh** I wonder if I would have been in better shape….**sigh** Regardless, I’m in the predicament now.
There are other things going on, but I probably shouldn’t talk about them here. Then what is the point of this thing.
O.K. I need to go back to school work. Maybe I should take a break from this and work on reading my Reformation book so I can start on that paper.
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