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Just got up from taking a little nap….**yawn** I’ll have to hit the books soon.
Classes were so boring today. spent all of U.S. History getting ready for my debate/lecture in my reformation class. Found out that I need to turn in notes for my Internet paper or I will get no credit. Poop!!! Tomorrow I have the day off and I going to spent the whole day on this paper. The other thing was the fat guy got up to adjust himself in class. Talk about “crack kills”
The Reformation lecture when pretty good. We weren’t as long winded as the group before us with the graduate student. But we got all to points across and I think we will get a good grade. But I was so unfocused in class; I couldn’t even take notes. All I could do is think about my new computer and how I wanted it.
My old computer is having a crashing party. It has been freezing and BSOD all day long. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. I think something might be loose inside. It’s driving me crazy though.
I separated my software into the stuff that I’m keeping and the stuff I giving to Eric. I’m keeping:
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
NHL 2000
Deus Ex
Civilization II Gold
Alpha Centauri
Bust A Move 2
StarCraft & Brood War
Fallout & Fallout 2
Diablo II
The Sims
X-Wing Collection
Eirc is getting a whole bunch of different things. All of it is older stuff, but good stuff, like Warcraft 1 & 2 and Freespace. I was going to give him Bleem!, but since I am also sending him my Playstation, he doesn’t need it.
I cooked curry for dinner; it thickened. Whoohoo!!! It was good. It’s so fulfilling. Ok. Get some Ice Cream and then hit the books.
I wonder if Buffy is new tonight.
I also need to call to see if the girlfriend is back from S. F.
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The Look

You know the one that I’m talking about. When you are in class and you are suppose to match up with people. It you, the ugly kid, and another kid. That other kid realizes that he might be matched up with you. So he franticly starts looking around for someone else, but all the other kids are taken. And then he turns and gives you that look, “you know, maybe this won’t be that bad.” or “damn, this blows”. So then he braces himself and starts to walk towards you, but out of the blue, someone else comes along and he is saved from being your partner. And you, has the ugly kid, are left alone on the side of the room, without a partner.
I eventually got paired up with one of the helpers, which I don’t mind. If they don’t like me, at least they don’t show it. And they can actually teach me what the hell is going on. ANd they are not afraid to beat down when necessary. We were suppose to be doing this one move and I had a brain fart and went into another move. Well, he was surprised, but two seconds later I was slamming my face on the ground. Heh! Best move of the day in my book. ANyway, I guess this is the start of our final in Aikido; who knew? Anyway, it looks like he is being really forgiving and for the written part, it is a take home. So maybe I can manage a good grade after all.
I was suppose to do Tae-Bo today, and I might do it later today. But for right now, I am going to take a shower. Then I might mess with Justin’s laptop a bit to see if I can fix it. But I need to get ready for the debate/report thing for my Reformation class later today.
Suzanneis suppose to be coming to S. F. today with Joeand Debbie.I’ll be in class until 3-4. Poop, cause it is a really beautiful day. Speaking of poop, I smell, so off to the showers.
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Difficult situations may arise, in which you feel as if you are doomed if you do, and doomed if you don’t. Finding a working solution to the problem is next to impossible, due to the egos and sharp personalities of the people who are involved. Even if everything looks workable on paper, this is no guarantee that things will work out in real life. The best you can do is be honest and practical, and make it a point not to choose sides or become biased in any way. Today’s Moon-Uranus opposition will make you feel a bit hyper and nervous, so try to only focus on the most important things.
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