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another test

Baby Joe
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Baby Joe
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Nothing like looking at the

Nothing like looking at the old alumni pages to get me a little depressed.
Actually, I was looking at San Leandro’s pages, not Vacaville. Most of the people on there I hardly remember. But there were a few names that brought back memories **sigh**
Finally cleaned out my e-mail. When I saw that there were 501 messages in the inbox, I knew it was time to clean. Now it’s down to 10 messages and I have the filters set up also. Now I can filter out all the forwards that Rosie sends me **rolls my eyes**. Next thing to do with the email is to email people. That will happen later.
The scanner is up and working. It’s pretty quiet, which I like. And it’s not as big as I though it would be. It is still taking up too much space though. I scanned a couple of things to try it out. I’ll do some serious scanning in a couple of days.
Waiting for Suzanne to come online. I hope she is doing O. K. I have a nagging feeling that could be just gas, or something else.
I should do some more reading, but I think that I am going to clean out my Favorites list. Or should I watch a DVD? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.
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**sniff, sniff** What’s That Smell?

Enjoying my new monitor. There is some kind of smell that is in the air though. Not sure if it is coming from the monitor or the monitor box. Maybe it’s “New Monitor” smell. Anyway, we will give it a couple of days to clear up.
Going to hook up the scanner after this post. I need to rearrange stuff to make room for it though. I think I will put the printer on the ground and put the scanner on the desk where the printer was at. Still need to figure out where I’m going to put the new computer at when it comes. Right now, the old computer is under my desk. I have a fan down there too because there is no air circulation. I want to put the new computer on the desk, but I don’t have enough room for the scanner, the monitor and the computer. I’ll have to figure something out; maybe I can rearrange the room. Probably not.
Deus Ex Machina – A God From A Machine….The game arrived in the mail today. Thanks Shawn!!! I can’t wait to play it. This will probably be the only game that I get for awhile (unless I break down and get EverCrack). I’m going to make an effort to beat this game, or at least come pretty close. I have so many games that I haven’t even come close to beating. Half-Life, for instance; I can’t get past the blast pit with the three tentacles. And I never finished StarCraft either, or Ultima anthology. O. K. I’ve beat most of the Ultimas on that CD when I had my Commodore 64 and 128. WHOOHOO!!!!! Old Skool Baby!!!!!
**sigh** Just took a shower and looking at myself in the mirror. I have def. gained weight. I am really feeling guilty about the sodas and the Taco Bell that I had today. Poop.
Well, I am def. taking some days off from work for school. I have enough leave time so that I wont loose any money. But I won’t have any leave time to use for a vacation or anything. It’s no big deal, with Suzanne in Europe, I’ll be working all the time anyway. **sigh** She is going to have so much fun in Europe; I wish that I could pack myself in her luggage and go with her. I wonder if I can make it to Europe before I turn 30. Hmmmm, I think that I will have to wait longer than that before I see the Eiffel Tower in person.
So there is this artificial stone call moissanite that my mom has been talking about for a couple of years now. I honestly though that she was crazy, and I went to a couple of jewelers and they didn’t know what I was talking about. Well, my brother sent me the link for the web site and it seems that my mom was right. My mom is such a trend spotter sometimes, it’s amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any money to buy her any jewelry, real diamonds or moissanite. She will have to settle for flowers.
There is so much I want to write, so much that I want to say, so much that I want to show. Sometimes I get all depressy and want to kill myself, yadda, yadda, yadda. But then sometimes, I am so amazed at life in general and the stuff that surrounds me. I am like a kid in a toy shop. I don’t know; like today, when I was coming home, I saw the fog coming over the hills in Brisbane and Daly City and it was just amazing. I mean you could literally see the fog cresting and pouring over the top of the hill and just flowing down it. It was just breathtaking and I wish that I had a digital camera in my eye so that I could take snapshots of it and post it for all to see.
Right now it is pretty foggy here at SF State. I wish that I was in my old place on the 15th floor of the resident apartments instead of the 6th floor at The Village. I loved that view. At night sometimes, before I went to sleep, I would just sit out in the living room on the sofa and just stare out into the fog. **sigh**
I think that I figured out why my neck is hurting. I think that I might have choked myself with the cord to my headphones. There are some marks on my neck that look like imprints from a wire or something. Usually I wake up and put my headphones away. I will have to be more careful I guess.
O. K. let me setup the scanner so that I can get it out of my system and I can do some reading for tomorrow.
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Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya…..

And Gitcha, Gitcha, Freak ON!!!!
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Home alone…

Well, stuck at the warehouse anyway…..
Today has been a good day at work. I’ve gotten stuff done and I haven’t spent too much time just surfing the web. I still need to clean up my mess, but it isn’t that much.
So the question came up: Why are women attracted to guys who are assholes? Thinking about myself and the loves of my life, I don’t think that I was an asshole to them when we met. Def. no assholeness with Kathy. No assholeness with April either; maybe a pinch of arrogance though. With Suzanne, there was no assholeness either; just alot of arrogance. I usually saved the assholeness for sometime after I was in a relationship and just pulled off some of the stupidest stunts ever (And I am SO SORRY, cause some of them were REALLY stupid)….
But enough about me….
Peter had this story about how he was at a bar and this guy was drunk and was calling out for pussy. About 15min later, girls started going up to him and talking to him. I think it has to do with the handsome factor; if the guy is good looking enough, then the girl can overlook the assholeness.
O.K. I need to get cleaned up so I can get outta here.
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I am still sore in the neck. I def. will be taking a hot shower when I get home. I wish that I had a tub to soak in. Oh well.
I have tried to stay away from caffiene, but I am so tired and I need something to wake me up.
Got my game from Shawn today. Deux Ex; Yes!!! Can’t wait to play it.
My graphics card got shipped and it”s on its way. It should be here by Friday.
O.K. I got an inventory to type up. Poop
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Honey, It’s Just Too Big To Fit….

I woke up this morning and my neck was killing me. I think that I did something to it when I was taking the monitor out of the box last night. Owww…
Got a message from Amber saying that she had tickets for the Giants game tonight. I called Suzanne, but she has to pick up her sister for something; so she wouldn’t get into the city in time. Oh well. Besides, I’m not sure if I am up for going out anyway. I have to do more reading when I get home tonight. I don’t even understand the stuff that I am suppose to debate over. **sigh**
Anyhow, there is work to be done here. I better get this stuff packed up before Peter gets here.
Oh…..10 A.M. Time for The Price Is Right.
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

You may sense a damper on your mood today, but don’t let this drag your whole day down. This can be a very productive time, actually, and you can accomplish a great deal simply by planning your time and adhering to the commitments you make. Feel free to come out in the open and state the obvious. Other people might not see things as clearly as you, and it is helpful for everyone to be on the same page. Remember, however, to be tactful and avoid appearing patronizing.
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Oh Yeah Baby, Size Does Make A Difference….

I just want to thank Angie, Amber, Mary-Katherine, April,Theresa,Shawn & Marie, and of course my lovely girlfriend, Suzannefor remembering my birthday. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
Damn, there is a difference between 17″ and 19″. I though I was going blind, but now I can see clearly. Maybe I am going blind in my old age. Anyway, I need to go and move my car now. Poop!
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