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Jerry Falwell Christian
(a.k.a. “Historicist” or “Literalist”)
You view the Bible as historically accurate and divinely inspired. You go to church every Sunday, with the Good Book in a Bible cover, and Wednesday night for Bible study. You’ve read at least one of the books in the apocalyptic “Left Behind” series, prefer your iced tea very sweet, and suspect Bill Clinton has murdered somebody somewhere in Arkansas. You watch “Touched by an Angel,” even though you think it’s not Christian enough. You may watch Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network, and you adore Dr. Laura, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, and Rush Limbaugh. If you’re Catholic, you go to Latin Mass and weekly confession, though you don’t have much to confess. You think homosexuals are sinful but try periodically to love them. You think the surrounding culture is so polluted that you shop at Christian bookstores, listen only to Christian radio and send your kids to Christian or parochial schools–or homeschool them. You give generously to your church and Christian charities. The Bible provides you not only a direct connection to God but a roadmap for how to lead your life.
Spirituality quizzes at this site
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OK….Time To Hook Up THe

OK….Time To Hook Up THe New Monitor And Scanner………
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I think Poop should be

I think Poop should be added to the list of moods`
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POOP!!!!! Current mood: Current music:

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My roommates….

It is so weird how Matt and I have distance ourselves apart. Now he is getting all of his computer help from Casey. Not that I care or anything. It looks like he finally got his network card for his laptop. Listening to their conversations, he is getting to know Napster better. But it’s come to the point where he wont even talk to me now. He just grunts at me.
And Justin. Justin has a gas problem. Every morning before he wakes up, he farts. And when he takes a shower, he rips a couple out too. He’s done this for a week now. God I miss Tim. Yes, this is the same flamboyant gay Tim that woke me up at 2am in the morning with his telephone call to his friend in Texas about the fashion crisis that he had. But even with crap like that, Tim had to have been one of the best roommates I have had in college. Not just becaue he could clean, but because I could talk and conversate with him.
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Random Livejournal sucks….. All it

Random Livejournal sucks…..
All it brings up are the newest journals. And they all seem to be journal of 16 y.o. girls. The first couple weren’t bad; reading about crushes on this guy and why that girl is a bitch. But after a while (a quick while) it gets really old.
My computer sucks also….
Not the one that I’m getting made, but the Gateway that I’m using now. I has been freezing up and crashing at a nonstop pace. I am SO ready to get rid of it. Maybe my family will have more luck with it than I’m having with it.
Still resisting the urge to hook up the monitor and the scanner. But damn, my eyes are so ready for those 3 extra inches of viewable monitor space.
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Looking back at my New

Looking back at my New Year’s Resolutions thinking about how far have I gone with them, if I am keeping any of them at all….
1. Exercise – **sigh** Well, yes and no. I have started to eat healthier now. I’m gotten some fruit and breads into my life and have def. cut back on the red meat. Not that I haven’t enjoyed a good steak once in awhile. And I do drink more juice than soda now.
But when I have hit the junk food, I have hit it hard with major binges. And I have gotten little pure water into my diet.
2. Budgeting. I did have the budget going on, and I was making good progress….
But this month I have just let it go. I haven’t balanced my account for a couple of weeks now. And I had to raid the savings to cover my checking account. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer for the down payment for a car.
3. Exercise. O. K. That whole dream of doing sit ups and pushups started and ended in Seattle during Xmas. The Aikido class gets my heart pumping and I break into a sweat. And I don’t think that I’ve really gained any pounds. It’s just that I haven’t lost any either. Well, Tae-bo is just around the corner; we’ll see how that works out for me. I’ve also thought about maybe doing Slimfast, but that stuff is expensive
4. Computer Time – ehh. I don’t think I spent as much aimless time on the computer. But I probably still spend too much time altogether on the internet. But, I’ve def. cut back on my game playing.
5. Web Site – I’ve just haven’t the time or energy to design and build a new web site. Once school is over maybe this summer, I can spend more time on it
6. Sex – HA!!!!!
7. Digital Camera – I have been using the camera a bit more. I did kinda stop doing the photos every week thing. But I think that’s something that I am going to start up again, after I get my new computer.
8. Sleeping – I have started going to sleep a bit earlier. The latest that I stay up now is 1am. I’m sure if I had a Creative Nomad, I could get to sleep earlier. (heh, heh, I wish)
9. Car Care – HA!!!!!!
10. Reading – I have started reading a little more now. NOTHING like I used to read. Again, this summer, I hope to pick up more speed and read more. Maybe I should find a book club to join?
11. Clothes – Still haven’t really pulled myself out of dark colors and white tshirts.
12. Friends – This one I have really failed at. I did see so long lost friends finally, like Mia, Lesa, and Kurt. But I have been really bad at emailing, telephoning, and visiting people. And I hate to blame it on work and stuff, but I do. Hopefully I can soon do some much needed catching up.
13. CD Collection – The CD collection is coming along nicely. I am almost ready for my 2nd 256CD Case. Still no Cure though.
14. Computer Games. This is one that I have def. kept. Of course I have been too busy to really buy any.
15. Dealing with Issues – Still no health insurance. But I have dealt with some of the things that haunt me. Confronted might be a better word. Anyway, no word on when I will get coverage so I can see a shrink.
16. Study – I have been studying, just not well.
17. Frendly towards the bookstore staff – I have also kept this one too. Because I am master of my own domain at the warehouse, I am hardly at the store to terrorize the hapless peons. Few, if any fear me; most of the new staff don’t know of me. **sigh** Let the tiger romp in his lair far away from the others, I guess.
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And just for the hell of it….

Let’s combine the Taurus horoscope with the Tiger horoscope
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…and another Taurus…..

April 21 To May 21

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And yet more Taurus astrology…..

Taurus — April 21 – May 21
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