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Sunday Night Update….

– Late Paper is finished and copy is emailed to teacher. Need to get a hard copy to teacher’s mailbox tomorrow.
– Peter is not coming in tomorrow, so I have to make deliveries. The good thing is that I can use the time to work on my rewrite for my Reformation midterm. It should be slow enough.
– The computer is working somewhat. The DVD is not responding properly. Other than that, everything is working.
– Resisting the urge to set up the scanner and the new monitor on the Gateway. I will just wait until Jason is done with the new computer. Hmmm….I never did get a time schedule of when he would put it together.
– Resist urge to hound Jason about my computer.
– In process of cleaning up room. Still need to clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Wonder if the roommate will clean it. (HA)
– Need to tell girlfriend that I love her. (Hugs/Kisses)
Basicly the biggest obstacle in my life is school. I have a 10+ page essay that I REALLY NEED to start working on. I also have a debate that I have to get ready for that I haven’t even discussed or read with my partner. I also have a report that I need to do for my Beijing class that I haven’t done casue I always show up late for class and we end up watching a 4 hr movie. I am almost tempted to stay awake and to start working on the rewrite, but I think that I should clean my room and go to sleep early tonight. **sigh** Sometimes I feel that I have so much to do, and yet to most people it is just a pittance and it’s just my procrastination. But I still feel overwhelm, regardless if it is my fault or not. I feel overwhelm anyway.
Poop….Oh wait, I just did.
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Well, the computer parts are

Well, the computer parts are at Jason’s. I was able to get the Gateway back up and working. Except that I need to connet a wire from the DVD to the motherboard so I can get sound from my DVD’s and CD’s. Later, I might hook up the new monitor and the scanner to the Gateway to see how they look and work. But I have a paper to do first. Actually, I am still tired from last night; I didn’t get home until 3am and I didn’t get to sleep until 4am. And I had to sleep on the couch cause I left all the computer stuff on my bed and I didn’t want to wake up Justin. Speaking of; Damn can that boy stink up a toilet. I came home and I thought something died. Phew!!! Anyway, all of us have been slobs, including myself. My mess is contained to my room though. and Casey isn’t too messy either. But Matt and Justin. **rolling my eyes**…**sigh** I wish that they were roommates and I had the single room. They have so much more in common. Anyway, now that the bed is clean, I am going to get some more sleep before I work on this paper. It’s already late, so I guess it won’t matter if it sits on the burner a little longer.
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There are over a 100,000

There are over a 100,000 livejournal out there. Just amazing; I created my first journal almost a year ago and I was #3419. Even with my current journal, which was created on New years Eve last year, that journal is #37827. Damn!!! Since the beginning of the year, there has been 70000 new journals created. I wonder how many have been kept up. Then there are the ones that have been deleted. They actually don’t get deleted though; I’ve been deleting and undeleting my other two journals for awhile though. The point is that LiveJournal is growing more and more everyday
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