What?!? I’m still here. Yeah,

What?!? I’m still here.
Yeah, I went down to get my computer stuff and to get my new key. They only hand out packages between 4-5 and they are only handing out keys from 3-4. Can we say stupid. Anyway, I come back to the apartment thinking that Casey or Matt were here, but they have left. So I am here guarding the apartment until 3pm. I’m sorry, I’m not one of those people that leave their doors open during the day time. Besides, the girl that was in the office in front of me said that someone that some guy tried to come in her apartment.
So I will poop around on the paper and wait until 3pm comes.
Actually the short walk to the office and back helped me out a bit, I am feeling better now.
Current mood: calm
Current music: Missy Elliot – Git Your Freak On