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Finish Printing Suzanne’s Federal Taxes,

Finish Printing Suzanne’s Federal Taxes, now I’m working on her State Taxes….
Do I love her or what.
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What I got done…

– unpacked everything
– rice is cooking in rice cooker; soup is heating up in pot; (bonus) fish sticks are cooking in oven
– room is mostly clean (I picked up everything, vacuumed, and dusted. The desk and the night stand are cluttered with stuff though
– cant take shower cause all of my towels are dirty
– didn’t do laundry.
– Suzanne was in the middle of cooking dinner, so I got 30mins extra.
Listening to the radio and I just love the new Eve/Gwen Stefani song. I’m also liking Missy Elliot’s new one, Git Your Freak On. Then there is this one that I hear on Rate The Music from Wycleff Jean called Perfect Gentleman (I think); I’ve only heard a 30 sec clip, but I love it. And then there is the new version of Lady Marmalade; which kicks butt, but I wish that I could hear the original by Patti LaBelle. Oops, time to check on the food and to call Suzanne
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so much to do…..

– need to unpack
– need to fix dinner with the limited food that I have (soup and rice, I think)
– need to start laundry
– need to find and install TurboTax
– need to take shower
– need to clean room
Not too much, I should be able to get it done by 6:30. Then I’ll call Suzanne and we will do her taxes.
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Home safe and sound…. Waiting

Home safe and sound….
Waiting for Suzanne to either come over or call me to tell me she is on her way
speak of the devil, she is on the phone…
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When life starts to catch up with you….

Take a break and have some Krispy Kreme!
I am now eating a glazed lemon fill…
True, it is not a hot glazed doughnut right off the line…
And true, it is almost a day old….
But like Tina Turner and Dick Clark, Krispy Creme holds up well against time…
And so I finish one and start on another.
Thank You…
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Crawling back into work

Oy Vey…..I did not feel like going to work this morning. I didn’t realize just how tired I was last night. But a quick shower and a Venti White Choc. Mocha f/Starbucks is making the morning a little easier. I just wish that I hadn’t left the rest of the Krispy Creme Doughnuts in the van for Peter. I’m really craving one now. I hope he shows up to work today.
Going through the mail (personal and work mail) and I can’t figure this out; I ordered three DVD’s from Amazon.com. Two got shipped UPS and then two days later, the third one got shipped US Postal. Days later, I have the one that was shipped USPS, but the UPS ones are still in transit. I looked at the tracking and they got shipped all over the Midwest, before heading to California; Kansas, Nebraska,Oklahoma. Anyhow, at least the DVD’s are in CA and I should get them tommorow.
Anyway, I got the Tenchi DVD (Tenchi The Movie) and I can watch it tonight with Suzanne when she comes over. She needs to do her taxes and is going to use my copy of TurboTax. I might wait until the weekend to watch it though since I didn’t really do any reading while on vacation and I have a paper due next week.
Anyway, I need to dig through the stuff here to see what’s going on. At lunch, I’ll post the highlights from the trip.
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