Daily Archives: February 24, 2001

Oh yeah, the haircut….

I did go and get a haircut today. The thing about cutting my hair is that if you don’t know how to do it, it is going to look really bad. Well, I’m not sure that the lady knew what she was doing, but the cut isn’t bad. I don’t like it, but I can live with it. I still have the hair coloring kit, so I think that I will try to color it and see if that helps it. If it makes it worse, then I’ll just shave it all off.
Now it is time for me to find a talbe and study/take a nap.
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Bumming around in Fairfield….

I am currently at the Fairfield library waiting for Suzanne to get off of work. THERE IS A POWER OUTAGE AT THE MALL RIGHT NOW. It includes Barnes & Nobles where Suzanne is at. So if the power doesn’t come back up in an hour, maybe she will be able to leave.
Yesterday was a pretty good day at work. I was able to get all of the shit that needed to be done like recieving orders and fixing problems. I still think that I am lagging behind and that I need to kick it up a notch. I think next week, I will work an hour later every day. Amber has really turned things around at the store; it is so impressive. But there is pressure comming on me to get things done at the warehouse. Like she wants to start pricing things. Previously, the only thing we priced were items that didn’t have bar codes. Now she wants prices on everything. I am used to it and can understand it, but it is going to take awhile to implement it, esp. at the warehouse. I’m not being pressured, but I feel pressured. Maybe I’m just freaking out over nothing, who knows. Actually the thing that I am starting to get worried about is inventory. It isn’t until end of June, but I am worried that Peter is going to bail before then. That would leave me and Tim to do it. Nott that we couldn’t do it by ourselves; Amber and I have done it, but it would mean more stress. **sigh** I should worry about it until later.
So I got home and finally got my room cleaned. You can tell the stress level that I have by the cleanliness of my room. The messier it is the more depressed and stressed I am. I think that I am over the stuff that has been going on this week. No, not completely, but enough to move on anyway. So Suzanne came over around 9pm and it took me an hour to shower ant to get ready to leave. We took the long way to Vallejo (via 101 to 37) cause she wanted to know which way to go in case she didn’t have money or wanted to avoid traffic. It is a longer trip, but you don’t have to pay for toll if you are going to Vallejo and the traffic is not as bad as the traffic on the Bay Bridge. So we left, but we were so tired, that we decided not to watch the new Escaflowne DVD’s that I got (I think we will watch them tonight after dinner or maybe later today if she gets off early.
So today I have been hanging out in Fairfield at the mall and now the library. I did some shopping at the mall and bought some pants and a shirt at Hot Topic. At Sears, I got my watches fixed. When I left Sears, that’s when I found out that the power was out. The only stores that have power are Sears and some of the stores next to it. Wierd.
Anyway, I went over to B&N to see what Suzanne wanted for lunch. I got her some Wendy’s and I got alot of carnations to hand out to her co-workers and for her. I think that I def. won some points.
O.K. I think I’m caught up on my boring recent life. The deep shit will just have to wait until I get back home. Tonight is dinner with Barry and Gabi. I am a little nervous about it, since this is the first time that someone in The Group (Mew, Lesa, Amber, Gabi etc.) have met her. I’ve just been nervous about introducing people I’m interested in to other people in my life. PArt of it has to do with April and I when we were going out, which I have never gotten over. **sigh** Well, we are going to Cattleman’s for dinner and it should be fun to see the happy married, pregnant couple in action.
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