oh man…..slight hangover going on

oh man…..slight hangover going on
Once again, I wish that I would have brought my camera with me to take pics. Oh well…
I’ve actually been up for an hour or two. The first time that I woke up, I tried to read journals and somehow started printing….Luckly I was able to stop the printing before all 22 pages printed out.
My room is just a mess….**sigh** I know the first thing that I will be doing when I wake up….
Am thinking about breakfast. The idea thing would be to goto Burger King and get some French Toast Sticks. I don’t know what it is about their French Toast Stick, but they always make my tummy feel better after a night of drinking. But I actually have a craving for cereal, but I wonder how my stomach would take to having milk in it.
O.K. I think I going to lay back down and think about what to do.
Actually, I think I’m going to hit the bathroom first…
Current mood: hung over….
Current music: Listening to Z 95.7 on the radio