Thinking about stripteases….

Demi Moore
I must have heard this in my dreams while the radio was on before I woke up. But I was thinking about them. I kinda wish that I had a body to do a good one. I just need to get into shape (and find some rhythm). I think that Serraphcould give a good one if she got over the embarrassment factor.
But I was actually thinking of the time that my friend Stephanie, used me has a practice model for the tease that she was going to do for her boyfriend, Ivan. She tied me up to a chair and did this really sensual dance around me. Now, Steph and I have always been good friends and were totally comfortable around each other. And she knew that she could trust me, but I swear, there was one point where the gears were working in my head on how to get her into bed and I was straining against the scarves. She did try a couple of moves that were a little out of her range (note: if you are going to try something really flexible, stretch first) but I totally loved it.
I haven’t thought about Steph like that in a long time. We have always been good friends. I had a really close relationship with her, like my relationship with Mew. But with Mew, our friendship is more like a brother/sister relationship. With Stephanie, it was more like….That one movie with Madonna and Ruppert Everet. Except that we didn’t have a kid and an ugly custody battle. We were good friends always on the verge of a relationship. But we never crossed that line and just remained good friends.
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