Agenda for the day….

I think that I am still too sick for IAkido, but I might dress anyway, just so I don’t get left behind….
I need to get my books today for sure…..
Hopefully the maintenance guy will come and fix my heater…..
Just a thought, maybe I should get some cold medicine to help me get better.
I want to go shopping for clothes, but I don’t think that I will have time….
Really need to work on paper…I got to get pass the one paragraph that I have….
Need to decide what kind of computer that I want built….I want a 1GB, but I think that I will have to settle for less if I want it under $1000….
Then there is all the usual stuff….dinner, laundry, dishes, cleaning the room, emails, etc….
**sigh** Let me hop into the shower and see if that will help me feel better about myself
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