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Oh No…..

ice cream
Yep, it’s been that good of a day that I have almost finished off a box of ice cream bars. I was going to get the good stuff; either the Hagen-Dazz or the Dove Bars, but I didn’t think that the situation was that bad. Besides, I think that Reina was looking for these when I took her shopping a couple of weeks ago (although she was looking for the Strawberry Shortcake). So I was also going to get a DVD to watch tonight, but couldn’t decide between Romeo + Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) or Once A Thief (Chow Yun Fat, directed by John Woo). Then I decided that maybe I should get a music DVD; something to play in the background while I do school work. Well, I ended up getting nothing. So I get home and after eating the leftovers from Mel’s last night, I went to the bookstore to get my books. Only 3 weeks after school has started. But there was a long ass line and I found out that the store closes at 7pm, not 7:30pm. SO I left my books there and decided to get them tomorrow. So after flirting with the girls in the gift dept. I went back home and tried to relax and to get out of the funk that I was in. My brother called me asking for my help in fixing the modem for the computer back home. I should have to him the way to fix it is to get a new computer, but I didn’t. Anyway, I told him the best thing to do is to reinstalll the drivers and if that didn’t work, use his laptop to go online to see if there are any drivers on the web site. Talked to Dad too; he’s going to Utah next week for a couple of days. Mom went to Tacoma for a church service, so I couldn’t wish her a Happy Valentines Day.
Well, I decided to head to Berkeley to my old place to see if my financial aid check was there. It wasn’t. So I traded numbers with the guy who is living there now in hopes that it will come. But I think that I’m just going to go to the Cashier office tomorrow and have them put a stop on that check and issue me a new check. I’m sure that will take another two weeks. **sigh**
SO I came back to the city and right after I had paid my toll, I thought about Krispy Kreme. I should have went to KKD since I was on that side of the bay. Damn. Well by this time I am just feeling like crap, so I decide to go shopping. Except it is after 9pm and the mall is close. I go to Tower Record thinking that I’ll buy a new CD, but I can’t get over paying $17-$20 for a regular CD. And I went through their rentals and didn’t see anything that I wanted.
So next I went to Borders. I wanted to get The Book of Questions. I had seen it there a couple of weeks ago; but when I got there I couldn’t find it. The computer said that they had a copy, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I got some more books, but I eventually put them back and just left.
Has it come to this; that I can’t even shop. I mean, I have money in my account for once and I know that I could just go crazy and spend. But I didn’t. I couldn’t even buy a book that I liked. It’s just like my horoscope said. Maybe I should go to sleep now then and hope for a better tomorrow.
I guess the one streak of light was this Valentine that was left on the door from someone on our floor…
It’s kind of hard to see cause it’s all reflectory, but it’s a Power Puff Girls V-Day Card.
O.k. This actually made me feel a little better….I still think that I am going to have one more IC Bar and then go to sleep.
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Well, part of getting a raise and a promotion means responsibility. That means that I can’t leave early cause I have to be responsible for the warehouse. So I am here til 5pm. Actually, I should stay til 5:30 since I was late. We’ll see. I guess I’ll go and clean up somewhere. Blah….
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Oy Vey….My back is killing

Oy Vey….My back is killing me today. I am so sore for some reason. **sigh** It’s quiet and peaceful here right now. I’m just chillin’ cleaning up a bit. Actually, I’m reasearching something that I thought that we sent to the store a month ago. So I have the merchandise log book and am looking for some giant rubber bands that I think that we sent. So thrilling….
I think that I am going to goof off and play some Bugdom before I get back to work.
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Well, work is not so

Well, work is not so bad. It helps that it is a nice day today and that it is not that cold at the warehouse. My mountain of binders are still on the flat bed. I wish that I had brought my web cam so that I can take a pic of it.
Anyway, there is only one order that need to be finished, so I have time t goof off. I think that i will use the time to clean up the warehouse a bit. Some of the aisles could use a good once over.
So I guess today is Valentine’s Day. Whoop de fuckin do. Usually I’m not that cynical about this day. Just thinking about past Valentine’s Day. Last year was a really good one. The 92 one is also a memorable one. I had just broken up with Kathy Libal a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten to cancel the stuff that I had ordered for her. So she got the flowers, the balloons, and the tickets to the Michael W. Smith concert that she wanted to go to. Oh, man…the drama behind that one. I heard that she freaked out big time.
Actually, I’m usually a big spender on V-Day, regardless if I am with someone or not. Usually, I buy roses for every girl that I know. I easily spend $100 or more. Not this year though. I’m not even getting anything for my mom; I’m just going to call her later to wish her a happy V-Day.
Maybe it’s cause I’m sick that I am feeling so apathetic about today. I don’t know. I had some idea’s about getting Serraph but I think that I am just going to pass. O.K., I’m still undecided on it. It’s something kinda expensive, and I’m wondering if it might be too much. But then there is a cheaper gift that I can get her, but is it too cheap. Je ne sai pas(Fr. sp?). Well, after work, I have to head to Berkeley to hunt down my financial aid check. I guess I’ll have to decide by then.
O.K. I guess I should look like that I’m working, for the bosses watching me on the camera’s.
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Horoscope (by astronet.com)

You could feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Your personal life may not bring you the joy you want, and may even seem limiting and burdensome. You may need to have a complete physical checkup. Be sure you’re not neglecting anything that would help restore your energy and enthusiasm. Get some extra rest. If you feel too overwhelmed to indulge in pleasure — at least set some new goals for yourself.
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So we went to

Chris Rock
So we went to see a sneak preview of Down To Earth with Chris Rock. It a pretty good movie; I don’t see it knocking Hannibal out of the top spot, but I think it will do well. We saw it at the Sony Metreon, which is a huge Megaplex/IMAX Theater/Restaurant/homage to Sony building. Which means it’s pretty cool. After the movie, we went across the street to Mel’s for dinner. And then we came back here to plug Serraph’s tax info into Turbo Tax. She ended up owing, so she is going to do it by hand. I also made an AOL account for her to use; since I’m paying for the damn thing and not using it, at least she can use it.
I thought that it was a good night, considering that I feel kinda like shit cause of the cold. But I think that I did something wrong. She wanted to talk to me, but she didn’t. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do anything bad tonight. Hmmm…well, I’m sure that she will tell me eventually. Anyway, I had a good time tonight and I hope that she did too.
**sigh** I really should go to sleep now since I have to wake up early tomorrow.
Oh yeah, I found out about my financial aid check. It got sent to my old address in Berkeley. So tomorrow after work, I have to take BART over and see if the check is there. Hopefully the person who is living there now didn’t throw away my mail. Goodnight ya’ll
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So what else, here’s some

So what else, here’s some pics of my messy room this afternoon. I did manage to clean up before Serraphcame over…
Messy Room Messy Computer
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Well, first of all, here

Well, first of all, here is the toy that I am crazy about. It is actually, my bosses son’s toy. It’s looks stupid, but to me it is the most fascinating toy in the world…
So it’s these two penguins in this thing and you shake it and you just watch them go back and forth. Maybe I’m just a stupid and simple man, but I could play with this thing for hours.
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