Daily Archives: February 13, 2001

**yawn** I love having a

**yawn** I love having a couple of hours to just lounge before classes.
I decided that I was too sick to participate in Aikido today, so I went, but I didn’t dress. So that gives me another couple of days to get the gi washed,
Went to the Village housing office to fill a maintence report about my heater. All the workers there are such snobs except this one girl. She is so nice and understanding. I wish that the rest of those people could learn from her.
In other news, the Village has gracelessly given every apartment a trash can and a plunger. Only 2 weeks after school started and a month after they opened. I wonder if I can return the one I bought at Home Depot. I should just keep it.
O. K. I got to go to classes for 3 hours, and then come back and get ready to go to the movies with Serraph. I think that she has a new secret journal that she is posting in. Either that or she doesn’t have free Internet anymore. Anyway, we are going to a sneak preview of the new Chris Rock movie.
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