The Baskin Robbins Dream

So I’m in Vacaville and I decide to go to Baskin Robbins to order a cake. Well, Baskin Robbins has changed; it’s bigger, but for some reason darker in side. So the kid at the counter greets me and I go over to the cake display case. The cakes are all right, but not the quality of stuff that is usually found here. One of the good things I can say about the Vacaville Baskin Robbins is that Craig (the owner) always put an emphasis on cake decorations, and the Vacaville stores have always had the best cake decorations anywhere. Anyway, these cakes really looked like crap. The borders were sloppy; some weren’t frosted right, and the icing was bleeding big time. Yuck!
So I go over to the counter and the flavor of the month is something with Cheerios in it. The kid behind the counter is being really friendly, tell me the flavors that are popular and which ones he prefers. So I ask him about cakes and he start rattling off flavors and styles. I’m like, “Whoa, junior. Slow down.” I tell him that he really likes his job and he agrees and starts singing a song that is playing on the radio behind him. I don’t remember the song (I think that it was on the radio at the time that while I was sleeping) but the gist if the song is that “I’m never going to leave”. I’m thinking, God, he is so unblemished and unbruised. I feel sorry when he gets crushed by this job.
So I ask him is there a cake decorator working. He says yes and goes into the back room. Then he comes out and starts asking me the usual cake questions. But I need to talk to the cake decorator, because I want a lion cake. The lion cake is a really cool looking cake, but it’s difficult to make because you can only do a little at a time, then you need to put it back into the freezer. So I see the door open and I call out to the two guys back there. The guys comes out and I start to ask him a question and he just ignores me. So I’m like, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question” He looks at me with this adittude look and ask me if I have a number. I’m starting to get a little ticked off with this guy and so I get a number and it’s 50. he pushes the buzzer and the number changes to 35. He calls out 35 and then he tells me that I will have to wait and starts to walk off. I am like, “Oh no you didn’t. Can a get the number of your manager?” He starts to get a card and then he says, wait I am the manager. So I go, well is Craig Hampton still the owner, let me get his number. He looks at me and writes a number down. It’s the wrong number. So I give it back and say that’s ok. because I have Craig’s correct number (WTF am I doing with Craig’s home number) and I just go off on a rant how I am a personal friend of Craig and his wife and how he should start looking for a new job right now and I storm off. Then I woke up.
It was totally weird, and I have no idea why I was dreaming about BR, unless a BR commercial came on while I was sleeping. But I haven’t heard or seen a BR commercial for awhile now. Anyway, I am awake and should start getting ready for work.
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