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Well, my room and my

Well, my room and my computer are clean. The only thing left if to burn my pics onto a CD….
For dinner, I had a whole thing of Pillsbury Biscuits. MMMMM!!!! I love Pillsbury stuff. Usually I get the Grands or the cresent rolls. But since I was broke, I had to get the 4pk of the smaller biscuts. I don’t believe that I ate all of them, but they are so good to eat right out of the oven.
Well, this weekend I have the whole place to myself. Matt is going up to Chico to watch the Super Bowl. And since this is the last weekend before school starts, I’m sure to get a new roommate. **sigh** well, I enjoyed the room while I had it. Hopefully he doesn’t snore.
I sometimes wonder if I should have a little more structure to this journal. When I decided to make this new screenname, it was to be a way to work out my problems with myself and towards Serraph. But I have just ranted more than actually dealing with the problems. I think that I do need to focus more on that.
I also decided that Wednesdays are going to be Happy Days. No ranting or bitching about anything. Just happy thoughts. We’ll see what happens next week when school starts and all hell breaks loose at the bookstore.
O.K. gotta goto sleep so I can open tommorow
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Just when I though LJ was getting all quiet…

bam, another war or words pops up. I just love reading that kind of shit for some reason. Must be the drama queen in me. I almost want to put in my two cents into the matter just for the hell of it. That’s all the situation needs.
Anyhow, I get home and take a look at my room. Thank god that I am by myself. I swear I must have bumped against all the wall and every piece of furniture in my room. But I had fun and tonight I am just going to chill. I need to stop by Karen’s though to pick up my shot glasses and my ice trays.
The rain was so comming down so fast and so hard, that I was actually a little afraid. I felt like I was a little kind again, and I kept running into Amber’s office. Then after awhile, I would go out into the warehouse. But a couple of min later, I would be back in her office.
I just made myself two cups of hot chocolate. It was the White Chocolate kind, and I put in these milk chocolate coins that I got from the Cocca Puffs. It tasted so good; I haven’t had hot chocolate like that in quite a while.
Well, my phone time is almost up. I have about $10 left on it. I need to cut back on how long I’m online; at least until tuesday when I get paid. Also the computer labs will be open and I can go there to go online. I can’t wait until the network is up.
I think that I will watch some more Tenchi Muyo! and take a nap. When I wake up, I need to clean my room up for sure. Maybe I’ll run the cam tonight. Wait, Amber is working at the bookstore tommorow, so I have to open up. Hmmm, I won’t be able to stay up too late.
OK. time for anime
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So I was able to crawl to work today….

Oh man, I really haven’t drunk like that in a while. O.K. I did do some drinking when I visited Mew in Sac a couoke of weeks ago. And I did finish off that big ass bottle of champagne at New Years. But last night, that was drinking without food in my stomach. And Karen made strong drinks. Actually, I think it was the Puckers that did for me. The think with Puckers is that it tastes like Jolly Ranchers, but it really has a kick too it. So me, Jessica, and Helda were just taking swigs of the stuff out the bottle.
They also saw my apartment and they saw the pic of suzanne that I have on my computer. That was bad just cause I had to get into the story of us with Jessica. She is like me in that we like to pump people for stories and stuff. But she came out ahead, cause she got alot more out of me than I got out of her. Jessica is so alive; I mean this morning we saw her jogging and stuff. It crazy the energy that she has, she’s like a star or something with unlimitless energy. But I wonder with all of that energy and she is so happy and all. How bad is the fall for her when it happens. I know, it’s kinda sick for me to think about something like this, but I’m not brooding over it, it was just a though that came in my head.
**sigh** Even though I was with friends and co-workers, I still couldn’t get away from feeling of lonliness. I guess that’s why I drunk so much, to try to get away from the lonliness
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I am so drunk right

I am so drunk right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this bad and it feels so good. There was a party at Karen’s apt on the 3rd floor and I heard them call me. So I went, and I had a good time. Peter was getting his mack on with Jessica and Karen. He’s still at the party with Karen. I personally think that he would be better with Jessica, but I think Jessica has secrets that she hasn’t told yet, so maybe Karen is the better choice. I am so drunk right now, I’m amazed that I can stilll type. Tommorow going to be a bitch esp since I have to move my car tommorow. OK I should get some sleep/ But I have to put this stuff down:
Jessica had a boyfriend in SLO and she likes to have her lip bitten and tugged on.
Helda is from Guatelama and she has a boyfriend in the east bay
The person next door is having a super bow; party, but his TV is only 20″
The girl named liseeteee(?) got drunk and was throwing up in the bathroom. SHe work s at a Olive garden.
Ok. Bed time for Joe.
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