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Well, I hope I am

Well, I hope I am doing a good job entertaining the web cam crowd with my antics. There were 10 people watching my stroke my beard; now that’s scary.
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Decided not to watch Dogma.

Decided not to watch Dogma. Been reading and listening to the radio. Now looking at web cams. I think I am watching a Swedish cooking show. I’m not too sure since the screen is too small to see the subtitles, but I thought that I saw the Swedish flag. And all the people are beautiful looking.
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Night of the fire alarms….

Matt had just got out of his shower when the fire alarm goes off. “You got to be kidding” I think. Anyway, I get my coat and shoes on and start to trek out when we notice that it is only our room that the alarm is going off. Great. So we try to vent the area around the alarm to shut it up, but no go. So I had to call the campus police. 10 min later they are there trying to shut it off, but they can’t. So they take the alarm off and wait for an electrician to come. When the electrician comes, they have to put the alarm back on, where it promptly goes off again. 10 min later, everybody agrees to fuck the safety rules and the alarm come apart. **sigh** does the excitement ever end.
The alarm was driving Matt crazy, but I was able to block it from my mind. The stupid thing is that Matt had taken an hot shower, but it wasn’t that steamy. The alarm must be super sensitive. I’ll have to watch out for that cause I take hot long showers and the steam rolls out when I’m done.
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Hmm….should I work on cleaning

Hmm….should I work on cleaning up the computer or should I try for a photo shoot. I could think about the evil question, or work on my web page. But regardless, it all comes back to thinking about her. Well, looking at her journals isn’t really going to help things on my end. **sigh** Why can’t my life be easy, or better yet, why can’t I have a normal life; why must I make it so complicated for myself.
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Damn the sunlight….

Well, I was getting ready to go out to Borders. It has been mostly hazy and overcast skies today. But at one particular moment, the sun came out and the sunbeams hit me while i was making my bed. A couple of hours late, I wake up in a daze. Garfield the cat has often warn me about the power of the sunbeam, but I always laughed at him. Now I know better.
Anyway, I really don’t want to go to the party. I was only going to go cause I want to have good relations between the gift dept and the warehouse. But thinking about it, if I did go, that would probably piss off Peter and Mary, because I have no showed their stuff tons of times. But if I didn’t go to the party, then I wouldn’t be able to go to Borders cause if anybody saw me and if the gift dept found out they would be pissed. I think that I will stay in then. And then tomorrow, I stop by Randy’s and pick up the gift and deliver it to Jade tomorrow.
I had a dream that I was in Fry’s shopping for parts to build a new computer. Except I don’t know anybody who can build it for me. I was going to get Suzanne’s friend Jason to do it for me if he had the time. But I haven’t seen his girlfriend, Michelle, so I can’t ask her to ask for me.
Financial Aid check are out, according to my roommate Matt (he works at Wells Fargo). So I went and looked online, but I’m not understanding the numbers on the web page. If they are right, then it’s saying that I still owe money. I think that I’ll wait until I get the actual letter or check and go from there.
I think that tonight’s DVD movie will be Dogma to continue the whole good/evil question. It’s a good Kevin Smith movie and Ben Affleck looks good with wings.
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From “A Wrinkle In Time” by Madeleine L’Engle

“I hate it!” Charles Wallace cried passionately. “I hate the Dark Thing!”
Mrs. Whatsit nodded. “Yes, Charles dear. We all do. That’s another reason we wanted to prepare you on Uriel. We thought it would be too frightening for you to see it first of all about your own, beloved world.”
“But what is it?” Calvin demanded. “We know that it’s evil, but what is it?”
“Yyouu hhave ssaidd itt!” Mrs. Which’s voice rang out. “Itt iss Eevill. Itt iss thee Ppowers of Ddarkknesss!”
“But what’s going to happen?” Meg’s voice trembled. “Oh, please, Mrs. Which, tell us what’s going to happen!”
“Wee wwill cconnttinnue tto ffightt!”
Something in Mrs. Which’s voice made all three of the children stand straighter, throwing back their shoulders with determination, looking at the glimmer that was Mrs. Which with pride and confidence.
“And we’re not alone, you know, children,” came Mrs. Whatsit, the comforter. “All though the universe it’s being fought, all through the cosmos, and my, but it’s a grand and exciting battle. I know it’s hard for you to understand about size, how there’s very little difference in the size of the tiniest microbe and the greatest galaxy. You think about that, and maybe it won’t seem strange to you that some of our very best fighters have come right from your own planet, and it’s a little planet, dears, out on the edge of a little galaxy. You can be proud that it’s done so well.”
“Who have our fighters been?” Calvin asked.
“Oh, you must know them dear,” Mrs. Whatsit said.
Mrs. Who’s spectacles shone out at them triumphantly, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
“Jesus!” Charles Wallace said. “Why of course, Jesus!”
“Of course!” Mrs. Whatsit said. “Go on, Charles, love. There were others. All your great artists. They’ve been lights for us to see by.”
“Leonardo da Vinci?” Calvin suggested tentatively. “And Michelangelo?”
“And Shakespeare,” Charles Wallace called out, “and Bach! And Pasteur and Madame Curie and Einstein!”
Now Calvin’s voice rang with confidence. “And Schweitzer and Gandhi and Buddha and Beethoven and Rembrandt and St. Francis!”
“Now you Meg,” Mrs. Whatsit ordered.
“Oh Euclid, I suppose.” Meg was in such agony of impatience that her voice grated irritably. “And Copernicus. But what about Father? Please, what about Father?”
“Wee aarre ggoingg tto yourr ffatherr,” Mrs. Which said.
“But where is he?” Meg went over to Mrs. Which and stamped as though she were as young as Charles Wallace.
Mrs. Whatsit answered in a voice that was low but quite firm. “on a planet that has given in. So you must prepare to be very strong.”
Couple of questions linger in my mind. Didn’t Shakespeare leave his wife and twin babies? And he’s considered a fighter of good. I guess all of his writings must have been penance for his previous evils. Well, we all know how the rest of the story turned out (If you don’t know or have never read “A Wrinkle In Time”, then get off the computer and head to the nearest bookstore or library and read the book. How in heavens name did you get out of elementary or middle school without reading this. I bet you never read any Julie Blume or Beverly Clearly either.) Well, I need to read more on good and evil. Unfortunately, my collection is lacking. I have a Bible, but I am not that familiar that I can turn to a book that focuses on evil. I would have to read the whole thing (Which isn’t a bad suggestion since it’s been a good while since I’ve read the whole thing.) I think this calls for a trip to my local Borders bookstore to do some research. **sigh** I can also stop over at Randy’s and pick up my present for the bookstore party tonight. Sounds like a plan.
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I saw this car while

I saw this car while I was driving into the city one night.

It’s called a Sparrow and it scared the shit out of me cause I didn’t know what the hell it was.
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What a ride…

I had one of the most erotic dreams about her last night. I mean it was so real; I woke up sore and sweating in my bed. And there is a drool stain on my body pillow…
Either that or man did the pillow give me good head.
But I mean I can feel every place where she touched me. I can feel where she lightly teased my ear lobe; the throbbing on my neck could only come from the hickey that is there now. I can trace the scratch marks that she left down my back; and I think I can feel the teeth marks where she playfully bit my love handle….
Man it sounds like I was mauled or something….
But I can smell her and taste her on my lips and tongue…I can still see every curve of her body in my eyes. There are a couple of strands of her hair that cling to me, refusing to let go of me. I can feel the body heat that we radiated slowly escaping me in the cold of my room…
But she wasn’t here. She was at her house home alone. And I was here in my room, alone. And it was all just an incredible dream that I had. And that’s all it seems that it will be, an incredible dream that I gave up. A dream that I gave up in order to try and to save my soul and my life. I wonder if I should have stayed in the dream?
Meanwhile, I have a body pillow to clean up…..
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Well now I’ve done it….

I put my soul up for sell on SoulXchange. Anybody looking for a soul to use for their pleasure? Or one to abuse? Whatever you want to do with it, mine is for sale, so take a look at it here
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