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**sigh** The servers on LiveJournal

**sigh** The servers on LiveJournal are really killing me. But I guess Brad is busy with school and stuff. I can’t wait until the new servers go on line…
Once again I am kicked out of the room. Quetzal just got done with a bag of burnt popcorn, and I’m sure the farting will soon follow. Just a little over a week left before I leave him.
I hope that my new roommates won’t be has bad as Quetzal. Can they be any worse?
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Taurus Horoscope (by astronet.com) Exciting

Horoscope (by astronet.com)
Exciting events await you in your social sphere and public life. You can join friends and partners to set in motion some powerful financial opportunities. Make an investment in a situation that will benefit all concerned. If your motivation is for the welfare of everyone, you can’t lose. You may have hit the jackpot with an expression of your talent, or your commitment to an entertainment project that is sure to win.
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One more thing…..

On New Years Eve, when I was at the Golden Gate Bridge, I was walking through the crowd by myself and started to think about vampires. Everybody was with somebody, either a couple, a family, or a group of friends. Has I was walking, I noticed that I was the only one by myself. Then I saw this other guy. He looked at me and I gave him a smile; not a pick-up smile, just a hello smile. Well, he had this look on his face and walked off to find his girlfriend. It made me feel like I was a vampire, hiding in the shadows, wandering in the company of humans, looking for lives to feed off of. I left the fireworks early, and has I drove home, all I could think of is that I wanted to die and I was ready to give up my life. I wish that a vampire could have heard me and ended the misery that I had that night….
I don’t feel this way now, it’s just the way I felt at one particular moment in time
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I’m really tired and want

I’m really tired and want to go to sleep, but Quetzal is still watching T.V. **sigh** Well, I am tired and need to go to sleep, so I guess I will try with his T.V. blaring. 1 1/2 weeks and the nightmare is over.
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