Jonathan’s Astrological Love Computer PART

Jonathan’s Astrological Love Computer
What turns you on?
There are some who say that this is the most unlikely love match in the zodiac. That’s what THEY think.
Actually, it is one of the easiest. The very reason why it comes in for criticism is the reason why it has so much to offer.
To show you what I mean I must ask you to think, for a moment about what your element is all about. When you here the word ‘earth’, what – other than a planet spinning round in space, do you think of; Mud and clay? Soil and rock? Field and mountain? Choose whichever image you like the most from this list. Now think further. What happens when you put any of these things together? Answer; nothing very much. They just peacefully coexist. And, over a long period of time, they have a gently beneficial influence on one another.
There’s no dynamic tension, no sudden drama, no argument, no competition, no challenge. This, claim the so called experts, is the problem. But then we have to ask, why do experts exist? To help us solve our problems, of course! No problems, no need for experts. And this, put simply, is a wonderful, ‘no problem’ relationship.
If peace and stability – and a total absence of crazy adventure, is all you seek, look no further.
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