The one where he misses his flight for Thanksgiving….

Well, instead of landing at SeaTac about now, I am home cause I missed my flight. Long story short, I tried to take the back streets of Hayward to get to the airport and got stuck instead. Even if I would have stayed on the freeway, I still would have missed the flight though. I left my apt at 2pm thinking that 3hrs would be enough time. The next flight out would have been at 8:45pm and it was 60 people overbooked and the standby line was at 20. So I won’t get to see my parents. Instead, I will have Thanksgiving dinner with Suzanne’s family. Not that I won’t enjoy dinner with them, but I really miss my family. I haven’t seen them since Easter and I was really looking forward to being up there with them and recentering myself. **sigh** O.K. I am getting tearied eyed. I hope everybody in LJ land has a happy thanksgiving.
Current mood: disappointed
Current music: Listening to Serraph slurp her soup