All the stuff that I’ve

All the stuff that I’ve ordered is taking it’s sweet time getting to me:
Vision Of Escaflowne DVD from Amazon – backordered until the 24th. AARRGGHHH. If you haven’t seen this anime, then you have ot go and get it. They are showing it on FOX, but the voice actors that they have suck. You have to watch it japanese/subtitled. It’s the only way.
Die Hard Trilogy DVD from –
sent to the warehouse. It’s been sent to the warehouse for days now. How long does it take to get to the fuckin warehouse.
Various CD’s from BMG –
I ordered these almost two or three weeks ago. I looked at what I ordered and started to have second thoughts about it. All of it is safe stuff that I have heard before. Three are greatest hits, one is one I’ve heard before, and the last one is a new one. I think the next CD’s will have to be anime imports. The think is that they are so expensive. They are between $20-$40. So I’ll probably only be able to get one or two at the most.
Questal is still awake, so I think I should goto sleep before he does so I don’t have to deal with him. Goodnight ya’ll
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