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**sigh** Kinda tired, but have

**sigh** Kinda tired, but have enough energy to goto this pumpkin party with my girlie. Hopefully everything will be good with her meeting Amber. My computer is in the shop, so I won’t get it until after I move. One more week, hopefully. OK, time to pay attention to my girlfriend.
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Still no computer and I

Still no computer and I am having a PMS/Depressive/Mood Swing Day. **sigh** Well, before the party, I’ll have a cocktail and then goto the bookstore party. Maybe after the party, I’ll be in a good mood to see Suzanne. Let’s all pray.
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the one from the computer section at the bookstore

so I’m typing this at the bookstore using a G4 and a 22″ flat monitor. Sweet….. Anyway, I got a new CD Writer, but something happen so I’m having someone at the bookstore look at it. Hopefully, they can fix it without me having to take it to Best Buy or somewhere. OK, John caught me so I should get moving. I probably wont get a chance to enter anything until sunday, since i have my last midterm tomorrow and then there’s the party tommorow and on Sat also. Ok got to go
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The one after he aces one midterm and finds out that he survived another one…

Hmmm, it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I don’t know why, but I’ve just been in a lazy mood when it comes to computer work. Don’t know why, but I need to start posting more. I also need to send out a slew of emails out to people. That will be my project for this week…
Listening to the new Stone Temple Pilots CD. Not really liking it too much, except for Sour Girl:
She turned away, what was she looking at?
She was a Sour Girl the day that she met me.
Hey! What are you looking at?
She was a happy girl the day that she left me…
There are one or two songs that are good, but overall the album isn’t doing anything for me. I’ll give it a couple of more listens before I give up on it…
My honey loves me soooooooo much, that she bought me Diablo II this weekend. Now, is that a girlfriend or what. **wet kiss**
So what’s been going on? Mainly studying for finals. My Chinese history final I had thought that I had bombed it, but I got it back today and I either scored an 90 or a 75 on it. The highest score on the test is a 90. But there is also a 56 and an 80 on the test. The 90 is underlined, so that could mean the overall score, but if I average the three scores together, it comes out to a 75. Either way I passed, and that’s what counts. I thought that I did so bad on this test on Friday, that I left my next class and went home to lay down because I was having anxiety attacks or something.
So today I had my California Hist test, and I just beat the shit out of that thing. The only problem that I had was with the last term that I had to write about. Otherwise, I think I spanked that test and should get an A on it. WHOOHOO!!!!
The last test is this Friday for my Women of China class. The questions are out of only one book, so it should be easy to study for. Then all of my midterms will be done.
What else? Finished disc 1 of Final Fantasy 7. Every time I see the last scene of that disc where Aeris is killed by Sephiroth, I get a little tearied eyed, even though for some twisted reason I think that it’s cool. Hmm.
Saturday, I spent with Suzanne and her mother. Mrs. Larson is so cool and funny. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch where I had 4 of their Scicilian Splashes. The Olive Garden tends to make the best drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic anywhere. This Splash; all it is is an Italian soda with real juices in it. But it tases soooooo good and I just suck them dry, even at $2 a pop. I should just get the recipe so I can make them at home.
After lunch, we went shoe shopping. I am in search for the perfect cheap shoe. I just can’t spend over $30-$40 for a sneaker, so I shop at Payless. I’ve gotten my last couple of pair of shoes there and they have been great shoes. This time around, I can’t seem to find anything that I like. And I have been to Payless stores up and down N. California. After that we went a couple of stores down to the Shoe Pavillion. Now, I know that the Shoe Pavillion is the same has Payless, but I have never been able to find anything remotely interesting that I had wanted to buy there, and I just don’t like the atmosphere at that store. I’m a freak. Anyway, after that, we went to Target, and we saw Diablo II for $39.99. We were just talking about how I wanted to buy it online for $45 and then there it was, $39.99 just asking to be bought. And my girl bought it for me. What a girlfiend.
So after that, we dropped Suzanne’s mom off and headed back to Vallejo. The plan was to get a hotel room for the night so that we could have some private time together, but all of the hotels were booked. Who knew that people stayed overnight just for Marine World. So we ended up back at Suzannes house, where I stayed until 1:30 in the morning.
While at Suzannes, I got the photo bug and we took some creative pictures with her camera. Maybe if you are nice, I’ll post a few. I love taking pictures, except I’m not very good with space and lighting and all of that other stuff. That why I want to get a book on photography to help me out…
Did I tell the world how much that I love my girlfriend, Suzanne?
Two weeks until I move out of Park Merced and on to campus. **sigh** I really don’t want to pack up stuff again. It’s going to be such a bitch…
Tommorow is friends & family night at Barnes and Nobles. I can see my Suzanne in action, and get a discount on some books. Excellent. Friday is the bookstore appreciation party. I’m going, but we aren’t allowed to bring family or guests. I will stay long enough to make an apperance and then leave. I mean I know people at the bookstore, but groups tend to be so clichy there. And tech, the warehouse falls under S/R, but we are our own department. And I’m still on uneasy terms with the S/R staff. I mean Teressa and I get along o.k., although we aren’t has tight as we used to be. I’m friends with John, Gene and Chris; I’m also friends with Mary. But the rest of the dept. and I are on cool terms at best. We just tend to stay out of each other’s way when I’m down in S/R. And I still have nothing but hate for that bitch Celeste and that other bitch Ester. ARGH. Anyway, we’ll see how the party goes.
Saturday, Suzanne and I are going to a pumpkin carving party in Napa. I was invited by Amber. I’m kinda scared cause I don’t know what will happen. But this is the way I want to introduce Suzanne to my friends, not has a group, but individually. They tend to exclude new people when we all get together has a group. I just guess this way would be easier if I just introduced her individually. I”M NOT ASHAMED OF YOU….
O.K. It’s time for me to goto bed. I will try to get an entry in tommorow before I goto Fairfield. Night y’all
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No lovin tonight….it’s all about

No lovin tonight….it’s all about self-hate and self-loathing…
Well, I’m not totally depressed yet. But the fog is moving in…
Hmmm…what to do to get some feeling back into my body. Sex won’t do it. I don’t think that I’m at the point where I want to cut myself. Burning…hmmm, naw, that’ll blister. Maybe I just need some food and a long shower and/or a bath. Then I can clean the kitchen and recenter myself…
blah, blah, blah.
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P.S. I see you Current

P.S. I see you
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I guess you are mad

I guess you are mad at me. 😛
I love you too. See you Sat
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Tim downloaded the dempo to

Tim downloaded the dempo to Last Call; it’s a bartending game. I must resist the urge to play, I still have work to do
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There is an ill wind

There is an ill wind that is blowing through the pages of LiveJournal. It isn’t a major event like a hurricane, but there is a breeze of ill content that I think is somewhat affecting me…then again, it could just be all the KFC/Taco Bell that I just ate for lunch
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The one after the birthday dinner….

Well, in the end, I guess everthing went well…
Didn’t get out of the city last night until 6pm. Traffic to Vacaville was horrific to say the least. At least the Metro held up; I guess all of the repairs paided off. I made it to Mew’s about 8pm. It was myself, Gabi, Barry, Amber, Amber’s brother Ryan, Mew’s brother Kili and his wife Jennifer, Mew’s parents and Mike. It was a nice dinner overall; It was good to see everybody again. Esp. Ryan. Ryan is somewhat of a legend. He been in Hawaii for years now living on a boat. He has sailed the Pacific and has hung out in Hawaii working on the great Amer. novel. He is a cool guy that gets all of the ladies. But it’s like that with Amber’s family has a whole; they are all special and unique. It’s hard for me to describe, but it’s like the whole family was blessed with great talents. The other big news was that Barry and Gabi are going to be parents. I’m happy for them; I have less worries about them being parents than other people that are pregnant. Too many people who don’t need to be parents are. Well, thank God I’m don’t have to worry about that. Not that I don’t want to be a parent; I want to have a daughter, Vanessa. But I am def. not ready yet for that. So the party was good, and I got pictures up. After the party, I went over to Suzanne’s house. She is still hurt about the whole situation, about me not bringing her with me. Well, what’s done is done and now we’ll just see if the situation will linger around or not. I can’t wait to see her on Saturday. I have so much studying to do and it will be a welcome break to spend the day with her. I wonder about the long distance part of our relationship. Before, I use to denounce any long dist. relationships saying that they could never work. When I was going out with Kathy, I was going to break up with her when she went to SF. And now, I’m in a relationship with someone who is 30 mi away. It’s not that long of a dist. but still….
Tim and Pete are back with lunch so, more journal stuff later
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