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Long Entry con’t – Sunday

On Friday, I realized that this would be Shawn’s last weekend in CA and I had promised to take him to the Ren Faire. Well Suzanne kind invited herself along, since we didn’t have a car and she did. It’s not like I didn’t want to go with her, but the original idea was for a guys group to go. And I didn’t want to make it feel like Shawn was a third wheel or something.
Anyway the plan was for me to wake up early and to meet Suzanne at Shawn’s house. Except I got back late from babysitting at Amber’s and woke up late. I didn’t get to berkeley until 9:30-10AM. So we started off late, but we made it to the Faire at about 11am. At the admision booth, we saw Brent and he hooked us up with a discount. He needs to shave that wanna be Shaggy beard that he has going on. He says that it’s period and makes him look older. Yeah, anyways. So we get in and I start to look for a costume. It’s 11 so most of the good rental costumes are gone. EVERYBODY want me to go with a kilt, but I settle for a pirates costume. I really don’t like my legs showing. Besides, I didn’t lotion them and they were ashhy has hell. the pirate costume was ok, except the pants kept on slipping down. I was pulling them up the entire day. Suzanne had bought a boddice the last time that she was at the Faire so her costume was complete. It was white and green and she looked really good in it. Wowzers!!!! Anyway, she has some pictures here. Overall I had a good time. Brought cool stuff for everybody, except for myself. The weather was really plesant, not the usual hot weather that goes with the Ren Faire. Guys were checking Suzanne out and the women were giving me the once (or twice over, heh). I have pictures that will eventually be up.
Hmmm, I have go get ready and goto class. Next time, I finish up the Ren Faire and my thoughts on Kabuki.
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Long entry con’t – Saturday

Saturday was spent mostly sleeping and just lounging around the house until I had to goto Amber’s. I took a nap and woke up late, so I was 30min late getting to their house. So they left and it was just Brok and me. We started watching movies and playing with the kitten. Brok wanted to watch Sleepy Hollow, and I eventually let him. I was hesitant, except he said that he said that he had seen it already at his dad. Also Peter came over to return the house keys and told me that they had watched Jaws the night before. Well, I let him watch it for the most part, the only problem I really had was the scene where the wife is getting fucked out in the woods. Oh man. Anyway, after that we decide (ok Brok decided) that we needed to goto the park and ride on his scooter that he has. He has this really cool scooter; it’s like the razor scooter, except that it is bigger and has fatter wheels. It’s like an extreme scooter or something. It’s really cool. The thing was that we couldn’t find his other kneepad, so I told him that we couldn’t take it. So we just ended up going to the park to play tag. It was fun until it was brok’s turn to hide. I closed my eyes and counted and stuff. When I opened them, I expected to see him cause he was wearing a yellow T-shirt and there were only bushes to hide it. But he was gone. So I started to get worried and started looking for him. I goto the sand box and saw this yellow patch in the sand. THE BOY HAD BURRIED HIMSELF IN THE SAND!!!! OMG. I was so pissed. He had sand all over him. So after I had desanded him, we walked to Safeway, cause I was craving some ice cream. So I got a box of It’s-Its and he got some shark pops. After we got back I decided that we had to clean his room cause it was a huge mess; there were clothes, toys and food everywhere. It took us an hour to get things cleaned. half of that time was used to issue a beatdown onto the infatible Jar-Jar chair that he has. I’m surprised that we didn’t pop it with all the abuse that we dished out. Anyway, I got Brok all cleaned up and set for bed. he fell asleep watching Scooby Doo. The kitten on the other had, stayed awake a while longer. But eventually I got both of them asleep. i was so exhausted when Amber and Rob got home at 1am. They had a good time at the concert. So I got paid and drove home. It’s so wierd, cause I would have probably babysat for free, but they pay me big bucks. Enough for the Ren Faire the next day. Heehee
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KISSES!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Night hun. See

Night hun. See you tommorow. Can’t wait
Wait a min. Won’t you be in my dreams tonight? 😛
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The one where Joe tries to catch up on a week’s worth of journal entries;

oh man, I got a week of journal writing to catch up on. So here goes:
I guess the major news of last week is that Suzanne and I are back together. It started out with a phone call from Suzanne on Thursday night. We talked and planned on her coming down to S.F. to see me on Friday. Well, I decided that I should go up and see her, kind of a pre-emptive strike. I thought that it would be better that way cause if things didn’t go well at work, then it would be in front of my boss and my co-workers. Also, I had stuff that I needed to do up in Solano, like drop off some stuff to April and to deposit my Financial Aide Check…
Yes, I finally got the check. And oh baby, what a check is was. OH BABY!!!!
The problem was that my car would never make it to Vallejo or Vacaville cause of the transmission. SO, I decided to go and get the company van. I figured that if something happened that I had enough clout and favors to weather it out. And remember, I still don’t have a licence. So I was going to get the van when I run into Peter coming home with the van. So Peter picks me up and he decides that he wants to come on the road trip with me. So we stop at his house a sec, but I decided to leave him cause if it got messy between Suzanne and I, I didn’t want him to be there for that. So I told him and then drove off.
I wasn’t too afraid of me getting into an accident. My biggest fear was that I would get stuck in traffic and someone comming from the ballgame, like Brian, would see me. It was around 9:30-10 when I left here. So I drove up in the beast to Vallejo, and I get to Suzanne’s house. I creep up to the window and she is wearing this red, silk looking top. I tap on the window and scare her half to death. She definetly wasn’t expecting me. So I tell her to get dressed so that we can go out and talk. I get to see her digital camera for the first time. It’s a Kodak 280, which looks just like mine, except that it has better megapixels than mine. It’s the one that I should have got online, but I was so eagered to get one, that I settled for the 240 at Best Buy. At least I got a good warrenty on it. Anyway, so we decide to leave the beast and to take her car to Vacaville. Oh, we also exchanged gifts. I found this book, The Complete Idiots Guide to Angels, and I bought it for her. Not cause she is an idiot (cause she’s not) but because she really like angels. It’s a really interesting book and I almost kept it for myself. She got me a tiger bead to make a necklace like the one I had before. You can only get this tiger bead at the Ren Faire and she had went there a weeke before.
So we drive up and the first stop was to April’s house. I gave April about 30min warning that I was coming up. So we get to April’s and there are no lights on in her room, so I don’t know if she is home or not. So someone comes out and I ask if April’s home. She says yeah, and I take a closer look and it’s april. I swear it didn’t look like her. Anyway, this is the first meeting between April and Suzanne in person. The whole ex girlfriend vs ex girlfriend meeting and all. It was kinda historic. I was nervous has hell, not knowing what to expect. But everything went well, I gave April Frontpage to use and had a box of French Vanilla Oatmeal for her. Well, everything went well and Suzanne also got to meet Miranda, April’s sister. I just can’t believe how she has grown. She is so stunning, and this is the scrawny girl that was April’s kid sister back in high school. Well, all the Lopez girls are beautiful in their own right, but Miranda…she just looks spectacular. Anyway, we talked for awhile and then left to go deposit that check of mine.
Did I mention that I got my financial aide check. HEEHEE. 😀
So after that we decide to goto the lake; it’s where she wanted to kidnap me anyway. Some might think that the lake not the best place to talk, but it has memories for us and I def. wasn’t expecting to score with the girl. So we get to the lake and park next to the dam. It was cloudy, so we couldn’t really look at the stars, which kinda sucked. But we got to talk for hours, which was good. We got stuff off of our chest that needed to be said. It was a really good time cause I missed being next to her and holding and cuddling next to her. Well, nothing was really settled about the events that happened over the las 6 months, but we had a real good time at the lake. I didn’t get home until 5am. Oops.
So Friday, I missed all of my classes and my appt with the dean. I stumble to work and after a little while, Suzanne shows up and she plays with the kitten that Amber decided to keep. One of the kittens died (the runt) and the other one Pete and Tim took to the SPCA. Basicly we did nothing at the warehouse except lounge around and play stickball. What a job I have. After work, Suzanne and I head across the Bay and we end up at Walmart in Union City. We walk around for awhile, doing a little window shopping and browsing. Then, we head across the street to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. MMMMMMMMMM. So after we enjoyed the feast that is KKD, we head up to Berkeley to Shawn’s to drop off some boxes for him. **sigh** He is leaving soon. It fuckin sucks that my friends seem so far away and stuff. But I am happy for him at the same time and wish him luck out on the East Coast. I bring him some KKD has an apology for missing him at the airport. So since he is moving, I was able to get some of his stuff like his Star Wars novel collection and his Michael Crittion collection also. I also got his Playstation. I don’t think I’ll play it much except for Bust-A-Move (the bubble game, not the dance). But it’s cool to have. The best thing I got was the Eagle Graphic Novel collection from him. OMG, it has to be the best thing that I have read in a long time. I’ve read it 3 times already and have missed class cause of it. I can’t get enough of the series. Well, I decided to take BART home cause I didn’t want Suzanne to have to drive me all the way to SF and then drive back home. She wasn’t happy with that, but she didn’t make a big deal out of it either. Also, I think that I wanted some alone time to figure out what was going on with us. Well, at the Bart Station parking lot, we had a public display of affection moment before I left the car (Any options on PDA’s). The BART ride gave me time to think, but mainly I just thought about me holding her in my arms. **sigh** Well, I got home safe enough. No strange guy pulled out their dicks at me, thank God.
O.k. got to goto sleep. Next up is Adventures in babysitting with Brok, the Renaisance Faire with Shawn and Suzanne, and meeting between the irrisitable force that is Joe and the Immovable object that is Kabuki.
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