Daily Archives: September 21, 2000

April, I am on my

April, I am on my way up to see you. I should be there in 30-45 min.
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WHOOHOO! The check has arrived.

WHOOHOO! The check has arrived. Now it’s just a matter of depositing it. I want to do it tonight, but my car is shot to hell, so I would have to use the bookstore van. The thing is that it’s low on gas and I need to fill it. I can’t get through to Travis (my bank) to see how much money I have. It takes like $50-$60 to fill the beast. If I don’t go tonight, then I’ll do it tommorow night.
I have pics of the kittens. Like babies, they aren’t really cooperative subjects. I still have a couple of shots. I’ll have them up by this weekend with the rest of my web site.
I am going to cook some dinner and take a shower. OMG I am so happy. Now thing will be a little better for me.
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going home Current mood: Current

going home
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at work until 5pm Current

at work until 5pm
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Feeling better today. I thing

Feeling better today. I thing today will be a good day. I got Karate and then work. I will def. bring the camera to take pictures of Amber’s kittens. Then when I get home, more laundry. And I will actually cook some food tonight. I need to get the rice ready before I leave.
So this weekend, I’m babysitting Brok while Amber and Rob goto the Counting Crows concert. I should have asked Brent or jessica about ushering, but oh well. The new Madonna CD is out too. And the new Bjork. Oh baby. I’ll have to wait since I STILL haven’t got my financial aide check. I have a free pass for Marine World and I wanted to goto the Ren Faire. But since my car is still broken, I’m not going anywhere. So I guess I’ll stay home and catch up on stuff like emails and phone calls. Maybe I’ll walk to the beach or something. OK gotta eat before class.
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