Daily Archives: September 16, 2000

So I took a little

So I took a little nap, I was kinda sleeping, kinda not. I heard Randy on the phone and I swear to God that he was speaking in chinnese or Japanese. I’m going to have to ask him about that.
When I woke up, I took a shower and changed into my new underwear. They feel pretty nice. I would take a picture, except that I let Peter borrow my camera for the weekend. I not really into doing that; I think that he should get one for his company instead of borrowing mine all the time. But I trust him enough with it.
Started to watch Record Of The Lodoss War (the new one in the red box). It’s dubbed in English and I had forgotten how bad the dubbing is on it. I mean it is really bad and cornny sounding. I could only watch two of the episodes before I had to turn it off. Maybe I’ll watch the rest tonight.
Played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. It was free with my cereal. I still buy my cereal the old fashion way; which box has the coolest prize in it. Hehe. Well, the first two games sucked; I missed “What was the name of the pig in Charolette’s Web?” I picked Charolette. Duh! I wasn’t really paying attention cause there was this movie on; I can’t remember the name of it, but it has Michael Douglas and he snaps one day and goes on a rampage on society. Robert Duvall is also in it.
I’m thinking that I will hunt for somemore themes tonight. I need some nature scenes and maybe some TV show themes. Whatever catches my fancy.
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I love Madonna. I laughed,

I love Madonna. I laughed, I cried, I applauded. All her videos are so creative and exciting to watch. All of them are good, but I’m going to have to go with Bad Girl has best video. I loke her and Christopher Wallken has Death watching over her and she is so self destructive in her relationships. I think it’s how I feel sometimes, like I know the stuff I do is bad and dangerous, but I do it anyway.
Well, Randy is sleeping in his room and Mike is sleeping out here in the living room, so I guess I’ll goto my room and take a nap. I want to watch the tapes I rented, but I’m not sure if I should use Questal’s VCR. Probably not.
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Damage done for today Groceries

Damage done for today
Groceries – $145
Frames and Frost Glass – $25
Pants – $25
Madonna DVD – $20
Books – $30
Underwear – $30
Gas – $15
OMG. I don’t know how the grocery bill got so high, but I do know that I won’t have to worry about food for awhile. The frames were for the drawings that I have from Suzanne. The mug is one of those mugs that freezes your drinks (It has a animal print on it. Very tacky, but only $2). The pants are 36/34 which has me worried that i’m shrinking. The underwear is Joe Boxer and was on sale at Macy*s. One is a black boxer with red tigers on it, the other is white boxer with black tiger stripes. The Madonna CD is a video collection from 1993 to 1999 with 15 videos on it. And the books that I got was a Flash 4 ref. book, a religions book, and Next Gen magazine (which I should really subscribe to). And to top it off, I almost bought a $60 pen. (Oh it wrote so smooth, OMG, i was in love with it, but I think I can get it cheaper and with a discount at the bookstore.)
The thing is that I went to the mall with the intention of getting shoes and a CD player. I couldn’t find any shoes that I liked and the CD players were either really cheap or expensive.
OK, going to watch my Madonna DVD now.
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Plans for today: Grocery shopping

Plans for today:
Grocery shopping
Get estimate on car repairs
Upload pictures
Shopping for shoes, underwear, pants, and CD Player
If I’m feeling naughty and if my car can make it, maybe a trip to Best Buy or Fry’s for a CD Burner.
most of this stuff requires the use of my car. Poor baby, I hope it can survive just a bit longer.
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