Wrote this while waiting for the teacher to show up.

First class and the teacher is late. The guy with no neck from my Hist of Japan class last semester is here. **sigh** still sounds like a know-it all.
Books costed $250 for three classes. Yikes!!! And so many. 5 for this class alone. Oh well. At least the big mouth girl from that same Hist class isn’t here. Then I’d truly be in hell.
I come off with this, “I run this school” additude. Like today, nobody would enter the classroom, so I just walked in and set my stuff down and got comfortable. Then everybody else came into the classroom. But really I’m scared as hell and I don’t want to be here. Has much as I want to just drop out of school, another part of me (the Korean Side) is talking and telling me to just shut up and finish school. I still have so much to do. Let’s see; 18 units of european and american history, 3 units of Asian Amer classes for my G.E., and about 6-9 units for my asian studies minor.
My teacher is finally here and the english is not that good on him. Not good. **sigh** Hmm, it would be so hard to find a replacement class for this time.
So anyways, I have about 3 more semesters before I can graduate. 1 1/2 years. I need to talk to financial aide and see if I can change my grad date from 2001 to 2002. O.k. Taking roll, time to pay attention.
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