Tommorow is school for me,

Tommorow is school for me, so today is probably the last time that I will really be able to sit down and really do a decent entry, like most of them are. I should be at work, but I’m kinda milling around.
Last night was so funny with Randy and his friend. I found out that he is 23 yrs old. and that his father was adopted by Chineese people. And that he has a cute cousin from Denmark. He is also ready to graduate in a semester or two with a film degree. bastard. Last night just reminded me of how old I really am and how long I have been in school. **sigh** Today is advising day, I guess. But I’m not going in. I do need to set up a schedule to meet with my advisor and the dean, since it was part of my contract. Yuck. But if that’s what it takes, oh well. OK. Time for work.
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