Daily Archives: August 6, 2000

it’s so cold, yet so

it’s so cold, yet so bright outside
This is what I want; to be alone, right?
I will have another chance right?
I didn’t think so with April, but then I met Suzanne
So that means that their could be someone after Suzanne
Will I have to go through the suffering that I did before
Will I have to put my friends through that same suffering over again.
Heh, yeah right. They are all away dealing with their own lives. No time for Joe anymore.
This is what I wanted, to be alone to solve all of my problems.
So get up, adjust the mask and the disguise, and go out into the world.
While I think up ways of advoiding it and leaving it.
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You hear that?

It’s the sound of me crying alone in the night….
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OK. So after stormng the

OK. So after stormng the gates of hell and getting my ass killed a couple of times, I finally pulled myself away from Diablo II. I am pretty far ahead, that I won’t have to worry about SHawn catching up to me.
So for another weekend, I have totally wasted it. I didn’t do anything productive with it. I had so many things that I could have done with it, but I just lounged around and played games, and watched T.V. And you know what, I feel good about it. I can here PD saying how could I waste a weekend like that. And I’m sure Suzanne would say why wasn’t I getting my life together. But you know what? I’m happy like this I liked being alone and just wasting time. Not having to deal with any of the issues that are going on in my life. During the week, I usually end up thinking about stuff, so I like the fact that I haven’t really thought about much this weekend.
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